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Intute-Law, Time to get some training

Looking for something international? Among the numerous website covering international legal research, Intute-Law has its secret weapon (well, maybe not that secret) to stand out.

Intute is a free online service especially good for students. Reviewed and evaluated by specialists of certain areas, the resources on Intute is selective and thus more valuable and useful for you to use. On the right corner of the first page of Intute-Law, under “Browse Law”, Intute cataloged those legal resources website by jurisdictions and subject area which is quite clear for first sight. For example, if you click on “international criminal law”, it will offer you 60 related website from different jurisdictions. One thing great about it is that each link comes with a brief introduction about the feature of the website. After reading the introduction, it will definitely save you a lot of time in eliminating those websites that are not that useful to you. Under the introduction part, there is a little icon allows you to highlight the website you find interested in so that you can find it easily when finish browsing all the results.

Without any doubt, they also have their own search engine. Click on “advanced search” and select the subject areas, resource types and the country you are looking for, you can do a research quite easily.

So far it may seems that Intute is just like many other research website, well, maybe more user-friendly since the website looks very clear and easy to use. However, as I said in the beginning, Intute has its secret weapon that makes it worth more attention, the “virtual training suite“. This training program aims to help users develop their own internet research skills. It offers many subjects besides Law, and the tutorial is again very user-friendly and easy to get start. Divided in to four parts, “Tour, Discover, Judge and Success”, it takes about an hour to finish the whole tutorial according to the website. Step by step, you can experience a tour about the legal system, jurisdictions, legal themes, comparative law, international law, methodology and legal research techniques and many other helpful topics. You can always jump back and forth to any parts that you want to do again which is quite convenient.

By and large, Intute is a good helper for not only being a free research website, but also a tutor that instruct you to develop your own research skill.

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