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American Judicature Society’s Carpenter Jury Center

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The American Judicature Society’s Edmund N. “Ned” Carpenter II Jury Center (formerly, “AJS National Jury Center”) (http://www.ajs.org/jc/index.asp) is a comprehensive resource on jury issues. The Carpenter Jury Center seeks to improve the functioning of the American jury system and, ultimately, the administration of justice. Accordingly, the Center collects, organizes, and makes publicly available helpful information about the jury system, such as best practices for the jury system. As a student in Cornell Law School’s “Contemporary American Jury” seminar class, the Center’s website provides a useful source of ideas and information for my research paper. For example, the website presents recent news on jury issues, one of which talks about the introduction of jury trials to some criminal cases in the country of Georgia.

The website is relatively easy to navigate. To explore a potential research paper topic on the use of trial consultants, I clicked through several links (“Juries in-depth” –> “Choosing who serves” –> “Jury selection”) and was presented with a clear and concise overview of the topic. In addition, this overview directed me to the American Society of Trial Consultants (a professional organization of trial consultants) (http://www.astcweb.org/public/index.cfm) and a list of journal articles on the topic (http://www.ajs.org/jc/juries/jc_whoserves_select_readings.asp#trial).

What is more, the website provides a list of useful links (http://www.ajs.org/jc/jc_links.asp) that will undoubtedly assist me greatly in my research. Indeed, the website states that the “American Judicature Society’s National Jury Center bibliography collects and indexes citations to virtually all jury-related articles in legal periodicals since 2000.” Lastly, note that the website appears to have search capabilities, although it seems to be presently non-functioning.

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