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HG.org—there must be something useful to you

As shown on the homepage of HG.org, it is a worldwide legal directory. To me, it is definitely not that “love of first sight” kind of website simply because it looks nothing but simple and easy to use. Like what discussed by chancyxie in her latest blog post (see it here), HG.org give me the impression of a typical information over loaded website. Of course, I changed my not so good impression of this legal research website after I started browsing it and finding more and more useful features of it (otherwise I wouldn’t bother to introduce it to you).

HG.org has many sections on its homepage. I think the most helpful three sections for legal research is “Law & Practice”, “Associations” and “Publications”.

“Law & Practice” may be the very section that you can find most information you want in this website. The HG.org law center covers more than 70 core areas, 190 sub areas of law and practice on US (both federal and state), European and International Laws. All areas are categorized alphabetically which is pretty easy for you to find the area you are interested in. To see its feature in detail, I tried to find information on trademark within the law center. By clicking “trademark”, I can see a brief index with links to all the parts contained in this area. Also, there is a brief introduction about trademark which contains some terms that you may want to use in your research. This introduction is like a brief version of treaties that give you a rough idea about this particular area. Under the “Trademark Law” section, take US as an example, it listed the most important and fundamental law in the field of trademark such as the Lanham Act of 1946 (I wish I knew this website when I did the first assignment) and some official government website that governs this area. If you want to do some international trademark law research, you can find a lot under the section “Trademark Law – International”. On the bottom of this page is the “HG.org Intellectual Property Law Guides” which leads you to other area in IP law which may be related to the subject you are search for.

Another great part is “Articles on HG.org Related to Trademark Law”. Except for the articles listed on the webpage, if you click on “All IP Law Articles”, it will link you to another section which is useful in HG.org, “Publications“. The problem about this section is that it may be hard to find the exact article you want since there is no search function in it. However, if you only want to get some background knowledge, then it will be a good choice to read articles offered here. On the left side, there is two sections “Publication Center” which links you to books, dictionaries, journals etc. and Law Libraries which links you to law school libraries arranged by states (which often offer you a lot of useful resources on their website).

The last section I want to mention is “Associations“. You can find legal resources about arbitration and mediation associations both international and domestic which will do a lot of help if you are trying to do some comparison on arbitration.

To sum up, HG.org has tons of information (maybe a little bit too much) covers a wide range of law. There must be something you find useful to your research. Just choose wisely.

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