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Information Overloaded?

After browsing dozens and dozens of web pages and still not able to get a clue of the perfect topic I would like to post, I found myself situated in the danger of Information Overloaded!

I took a deep breath and started to reflect on how much time I have spent to filter the few useful emails from a bunch of spams and the average hours I browse the social media website every day. The horrifying figure concluded force me to start worrying about if I had got Hotmail or Facebook Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder. Another common phenomenon is that I gradually shortened the time length on thinking about a certain emerging problem or issue and simply went directly to search engine for help. In most circumstances I would end up with an even larger amount of background information or contemplations about the issue, which might consume me days to take a simple look at it. When I was becoming bored and impatient after a lengthy browsing, I gave up by bookmarking all of them and made a determination to come back again, which I never do.

I never doubt any Internet sources we were introduced to in the class would be good one. However, are we really able to afford to them? Do we really have to rely so much on the Internet? Does the convenience really outweigh the troubles it caused?

William Van Winkle: “Data is like food. A good meal is served in reasonably-sized portions from several food groups. It leaves you satisfied but not stuffed. Likewise with information, we’re best served when we can partake of reasonable, useful portions, exercising discretion in what data we digest and how often we seek it out.”

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