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Keeping it all straight

Without question, through the course of our class, I have been made more aware of the bounty of free online research materials that are available in cyberspace for the taking.  While this new state of consciousness is a welcome one, with the good comes the burden of keeping all the options straight.  I have no plans to write an outline for our class but I would also prefer that the materials and resources we have explored do not join the particulars of vertical privity in the recesses of my mind.

Thankfully, UCLA’s Law Library has a research guide devoted to online research beyond Westlaw and Lexis.  The guide does link to some pay sites, those they classify as low cost, but the rest of the free content consists of much of what we have covered in class.

Far and away, the most useful aspect of the guide is its organization.  Many free site resource pages are, in my experience, little more than headings with long lists of following links, many of which are broken.  This guide not only classifies the type of resource  into easily navigable tabs but also provides a pretty decent description of the links contained within the tabs.  I can already see the utility of these descriptions paying dividends in the near future when I’m trying to remember where to find proposed rules or where I can comment on them electronically.  They will jog my memory.

As you may imagine, the guide does have a California law lean.  The guide does lack a tab for the case law of other states.  The federal stuff is well covered,  as is administrative law.  There is a tab dedicated to legal forms that I found immediately useful.  I was able to find a form sublease that I used as a starting off point.

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