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Add some fun to your legal research-FedFlix

One of the good things about studying in the U.S.A is that I can get access to a lot of sources of comments about the politics of my country, among which the negative ones are hardly available within the domain of China. For example, the analysis of the Cultural Revolution is not so easy to obtain. So when I first discovered there is a bunch of videos archives in FedFlix of the unspoken history, it is not hard to imagine my excitement.

FedFlix is a joint venture of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and Public.Resource.org in cooperation with other government agencies including the National Archives. According to their agreement, NTIS sends Resoure.org the federal agencies’ film and video archives. It uploads them to the Internet Archive, YouTube, and its own public domain stock footage video library, then sends the governments back their videotapes and a disk drive with the digitized video.

According to the records on the website, there are currently 6055 items available there. And the number is increasing regularly. Those videos cover a broad range of topics. Among the most popular ones there are some legal documents which might attract you, like Nuremberg, by Department of the Army. You can browse the documents by collection, by keyword, or by creators. FexFlix also provides an advanced search. If you want to have some fun and learn something about law as well, I suggest you browse by creators and try films under the creators like American Law Institute, Federal Judicial Center, Office For Victims Of Crimes. National Archives And Records Administration might not be necessarily relevant, but it contains the largest volume of videos and is definite worth a try.

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