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ICC—the official website to do your international criminal research

On Tuesday’s class, Professor Haight has mentioned the ICC—International Criminal Court website when talking about doing international law research. I explored that website after class since I am interested in criminal law and found out that ICC actually offers a lot of resources than it look like (no offense to the appearance of it).

On the homepage of ICC, you can get a brief idea about the court and structure of it. It is a very helpful introduction when you just start the international criminal law research and want to get a decent idea about what you are dealing with.  On the right of the homepage, there are seven sections that the website covers. Under situations and cases, you browse cases by country. I clicked on the first case on that page which is “The prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo”. You can see there is a brief profile about the defendant and the trail procedure of this case and what counts is he accused of. On the right of this page, you can see the court records, transcripts, background information and press releases about this case. Among these sections, I am particularly interested in Press Release. In this section, you can see a lot of related news concerning the case. This officially released news is pretty short but quite reliable. There is also a section especially about Press and Media. You can find ICC Weekly Update in it.

The most useful section in ICC to me is “Legal texts and tools“. It has two subdivisions, “Official Journal and Legal Tools”. Official Journal of the ICC was created pursuant to regulation 7 of the Regulations of the Court. Legal Tools offers access for uses with the legal information, digests and software necessarily for doing international criminal research. According to the website, the legal tools “seek to serve as a complete virtual library on international criminal law and justice (involving war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide or aggression)”. It has over 44,000 documents and legal digests. On the website, it offered you instructions on using the Tools and the current status of the Tools. Clicking on “Go to Database”, it will open a new webpage where you can do your research. I run a research on “rape” and you can eliminate the results by content type, organization/state or by source of the documents. It also automatically arranged the results by relevancy.

For an official site of International Criminal law, this website gives you a thorough understanding of this topic and helps you a lot when you want to do some research on it. And the most important thing is that it is official and more reliable.

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