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Doing Business

I am quite surprised by Doing Business, which provides a list of comprehensive research reports of the regulatory environment conducive to operating a mall and medium size business across 183 economies. All of them are free, which is too good to make me believe. With the doubt about its authority, I searched “doing business” in Google but got nothing special. Then I changed the keywords to “Doing Business Report” (DBR). Then Google showed me a list of different news citing different versions of DBR. I was convinced then this is an excellent website!  

“Doing Business” is the official site of “Doing Business Project” by World Bank Group. The Project “provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economies and selected cities at the sub-national and regional level”. The research is conducted in a cross boarder co-operative way. The contributors of the reports are more than 8,200 lawyers, accountants, judges, businesspeople and public officials of 183 economies (among which China has 53, who agreed to be acknowledged) I again checked the name list of those participants from China. Majority of them come from leading law firms, accountant firms and companies. In large extent, I think it assures the accuracy of the reports.

The bulk of the data in Doing Business consists of annual reports from 2003. As time goes by, the coverage of economies and the number of indicators become larger and larger. (The first Doing Business report, published in 2003, covered 5 indicator sets and 133 economies. The 2011 Report covers 11 indicator sets and 183 economies. ) Topics covered are basically categorized under  Starting a business, Dealing with construction permits, Registering property, Getting credit, Protecting investors, Paying taxes, Trading across borders, Enforcing contracts, Closing a business. Another worth mentioned feature of Doing Business is its “Ease of Doing Business Index”. Economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1 – 183.

Doing Business is focusing the relationship between laws and economic outcomes in its broad covered economies. The aims are “not only to describe and explain various features of legal systems but also to explore how they work in practice rather than in theory, to compare the legal systems of different countries, to draw inferences about how the characteristics of legal systems are related to various social and economic outcomes, and, last but not least, to propose legal reforms. See the related article here”. There is a tab named “Law Library” in Doing Business. It allows you to search within the 183 economies for a comprehensive lists of law related to operating business in the economy. Again I tried Chinese Law I checked “all “topics. It gave me a long list of laws under Trade Laws, Tax Law, Securities Law, Land and Building Law, Labor Law, Constitutions, Commercial and Company Laws, Civil Procedure Codes, Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws, Banking and Credit Laws. Most of them link to me active website of very official and lated version of the law.

My last comment- I believe Doing Business will not disappoint you!  

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