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Mark Litwak’s Entertainment Law Resources

Mark Litwak is an entertainment lawyer based in Beverly Hills, California. He has written several books in the field of entertainment law and the entertainment industry more generally. (The books, as well as software programs on entertainment contracts, are available for purchase on his website at http://www.marklitwak.com/store/.)

I first came across Mark Litwak’s website on entertainment law resources (http://www.marklitwak.com/) back when I was applying to law schools, out of curiosity as to which law schools have good entertainment law programs. (Evidently, my choice of law school was more influenced by other factors in the end.) The most applicable part of the website to me at that time was his FAQ page on Career Advice where he answers several typical questions, including which law schools have good entertainment law programs, how to learn more about entertainment law, and how to break into the entertainment law field.

Besides Career Advice, the website also has several other FAQ pages. For example, the FAQ page on “Copyright” answers practical questions writers may have about protecting their work and avoiding copyright infringement of others’ work. In addition, the website has numerous articles covering such topics as how to break into showbiz (as lawyers, actors, writers, etc.), a glossary of industry terms, and tactics and strategies in a film distribution deal. Further, the Resources page provides a myriad of useful links, ranging from industry links (e.g., filmmaker incentive programs), to government websites (e.g., U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), to legal research and information (e.g., Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts). And for a fun and interesting look at various film festivals around the world, click on the website’s Film Festivals tab. Lastly, the website also links to Litwak’s blog, which posts information about recent entertainment law cases as well as more practical information (e.g., a checklist of information you’ll need in order to register your scripts and films online with the Electronic Copyright Office).

All in all, Mark Litwak’s Entertainment Law Resources provide a wealth of helpful information to people in the entertainment industry.

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