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Finale of the research website series

I am going to introduce two research databases in my last blog posts as the ending of this research resource series. I found them by using the database links offered by Duke Law library website (this is how I found most of the databases I introduced in this blog and why I wanted talk about the library website resources as my presentation topic today).

I. Bepress Legal Repository

Bepress, as shown on their homepage, stands for “the Berkeley Electronic Press”, which publishes high quality peer-reviewed journals. In Bepress Legal Repository, it offers you free access to tons of journal works. On the homepage of Bepress Legal Repository, you can browse the 10 most recent publications, 10 most popular papers or 10 most recent Peer- Reviewed Articles in legal repository. Or you can simply browse it by institutions or subjects.

Also, you can find papers by their search box on the homepage. The advanced search feature is handy to use. You can combine and create the search items you want and make it easier for you to find the article you want. I run a research on “child abuse” using the full text search. It showed 5306 results arranged by year. You can also change the order into arranging by publication, author or title. One great feature it has is that you can asked them to notify you for future results in the subjects you searched which can keep informed of the latest paper published in that area.

II State Legal sources on the Web

Supported by U Mich, this website is clear and easy to use. It is in the form of chart arranged by states. Within this website, you can find resources regarding Bills, Session Laws, Codified Law and Constitution, New Regulations and Executive Orders, Codified Regulations, Attorney General Opinions, State Courts cases, Newspapers, State Law Library and Election Data. The good thing about this website is that you can actually find resources that are not so common in legal research like the attorney general opinion. Everything on that chat has a link to the particular website for you to do further research. This website is user-friendly and will be really helpful if you want to concentrate on state legal information.

However, the last update of this website is on May 1, 2009, almost 2 years ago which means you have to pay attention to the result gain from this site. You may need to check if the links in this chat covers the latest resources.

Hopefully these sites will be helpful to your future research. If not, you can always try to find something valuable in law school library website which works for me every time.

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